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The Garrison House Mug Club is a community of our favorite guests, each with their very own mug hanging above the tap towers on the bar. Becoming a member is no easy feat! Be prepared to drink your way through all of our beers. It's a liquid tour of beer styles local and from afar.

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Membership & Benefits

1. Memberships will be awarded upon completion of drinking through all beers - 30 individual, rotating draft lines, as well all 30 bottles and cans.
2. Membership numbers will be assigned sequentially beginning at number 1 and based on the next available number. Mug numbers may not be requested
3. Each member will be able to use their own numbered mug for 22oz pours of regular draft selections for $1 more.
4. Members will receive a new Mugger T-Shirt annually.
5. Members will be invited to an annual Mug Club private party.
6. Members will be eligible to receive discounted food promotions periodically through the Garrison House app.
7. Membership fees include one complimentary mug fill for the mugger during the calendar week of their birthday.
8. Please always carry ID with you – our servers may need to verify your age and mug membership.
9. We expect all Mug Club members to be courteous, kind, and well-behaved. The Garrison House management reserves the right to revoke your membership at any time due to inappropriate conduct.

The Fine Print

You must be 21+ to join. Per the policies of the Garrison House, we are responsible for the well-being of all of our guests and reserve the right to refuse service or limit the number of beer consumed each session in pursuit of completion of membership or on regular visits.

The first calendar year of membership is free upon completion of beer list. For each following year beginning on January 1st, each member is responsible for membership due of $39.99. Membership dues are paid annually and are not auto-renewed. This due must be paid before the mug can be used. Current members will have the opportunity to renew before their number is released back to open availability.  If a membership is not renewed, a member will need to complete the beer list requirements again to regain membership. Any memberships not renewed before March 1st will be considered willingly terminated by the member. Membership dues are non-refundable.

Pursuant members are required to download and use the official Garrison House app in order to gain membership. Members must provide an email address and mobile phone number as part of the app registration process. The Garrison House reserves the right to record and distribute the likeness of any member.

Each beer counting toward the membership goal must be paid for by the pursuant member. Beer will only count toward the membership if it is the first beer consumed from that specifically numbered draft line. Each mug can only be used by its corresponding member and cannot be sold or transferred. All mugs must remain on-premise at the Garrison House at all times. Mugs may only be used for draught selections unless otherwise specified. If your mug is broken by our staff, we will replace your mug. If you break your mug, we will ask for a nominal replacement fee.

Members who wish to decorate their mugs with stickers may do so, however, the Garrison House reserves the right to remove or limit decorations that management deems offensive, inappropriate, or in conflict with the best interest of the restaurant. Members should keep in mind that political and ideological views are that of the individual and should not be displayed on the mug. The Garrison House is not responsible for any sticker or decoration that may be damaged or destroyed. Stickers may not cover the Garrison House logo or Mugger Number. 

The Garrison House reserves the right to exclude certain draft beers eligible for Mug Pours based on alcohol strength and/or availability.

The Garrison House reserves the right to change the Mug Club rules/terms/benefits at any time and to take any actions necessary to comply with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and all municipal laws. Muggers will be notified of any changes to the Mug Club rules through email, text, or the mobile app. All benefits associated with the Mug Club membership are included in the membership fee. The Garrison House reserves the right to revoke Mug Club membership, without refund, of any individual who fails to observe the Mug Club rules and/or Massachusetts and municipal laws.